Student Support

Cambridge College Australia (CCA) supports students who are adjusting to study and life in Australia and provides an age and culturally-appropriate thorough orientation program for all new students.

Student Support
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This includes:

  • Support services to assist students to transition to life and study
  • Legal issues
  • Emergency and Health Services
  • Facilities and resources
  • Complaints and appeals policy and process
  • Refund policy and procedure
  • Transferring, deferring, suspending or cancelling enrolment
  • Student visa conditions, course attendance and progress and the need for students to advise of any change to their address
  • Student rules, code of behaviour and expectations
  • Academic counselling services, intervention strategies and maintaining attendance
  • Privacy policies
  • Updating of student contact details
  • Students will be taken on a short tour of the college and maps will be provided as needed
  • Student ID cards and timetables

Other information as relevant is also provided including:

  • Australian laws
  • Public transport system
  • Health and medical services
  • Banking facilities
  • Telephone and postal services
  • Available counselling services
  • Availability of Legal services to students

For more information, please download our policy document from our [Downloads Page].

General support information

CCA is committed to helping you to adjust to study and life in Australia. There is a lot of information in this handbook, so please take the time to read it carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your trainer or the reception staff.

English programs

If your English language skills need a boost, CCA can arrange a short-term English for Academic Purposes study program (additional cost).

Legal services

CCA does not provide legal advice. However, at no cost to yourself, we can help you locate suitable legal assistance.

Emergency and health services

All our campuses have standard first aid equipment and staff trained to provide basic First Aid. We can also assist you locate the most appropriate health service for your needs.

Requirements for course attendance and progress

Your trainer can provide you with the most up-to-date advice about your course attendance and progress requirements. Please see the relevant section in this handbook.

Employment rights and conditions

Everyone who is lawfully employed in Australia is protected by Australian law. Please see the relevant section in this handbook.

Personal circumstances

If you have general or personal circumstances that affect your studies, please discuss the matter with your trainer, who can arrange an appointment with our student support officer. CCA will make every endeavour to make your study experience smooth and easy.

ID cards

CCA will provide you with a student ID card at no additional cost to yourself. This card makes you eligible for a range of discounts. Replacement cards attract an additional cost.


You will be given a timetable of each of your units, classes, classrooms and trainers.

Legal services

Students in Australia have many legal rights, regardless whether they are international students or have Australian citizenship or residency.

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