Fee Structure

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Fee Structure

Fees and financial information

Page Information About
Current fees The latest fees and charges that you may be liable for.
Refunds Refund guidelines, policies and forms.
Purchases Purchasing items from us.
Payment notification Notify us of a payment you have made.

Types of fees

There are several different types of fees and other expenses that you might be liable for. The following table explains what they are.

Fees applicable to all enrolments

Fee Type Description
Tuition fee This is the fee for your teaching and training, and ongoing or final assessment. Please contact reception for the latest tuition fee information.
enrolment / administration fee This non-tuition fee covers the administrative cost of processing your enrolment into each course. It is also called the 'Admin fee'. This fee is non-refundable.
Materials fee The materials fee covers the cost of learner guides, printed class handouts, assessment booklets, various course specific tools, perishables or consumables where applicable, and access to online study resources. This fee is refundable on a pro-rata basis.

Other pre-enrolment fees

Fee Type Description
Airport pickup Optional - if you would like us to meet you at the airport when you arrive.
Overseas Student Health Cover OSHC is mandatory for overseas students. Many people prefer to organise this themselves.

Fees relating to your enrolment or study life

Fee Type Description
Course-specific clothing Depending on the course, some particular items of clothing may be required for WHS or other reasons. For example, automotive students in the workshop, and cookery students in the kitchen must wear appropriate protective clothing and footwear.
Course-specific equipment Depending on the course, some specific equipment maybe required. Your trainer will advise you if this is the case.
First aid If your course has a First Aid unit, additional costs may be required.
Late fees If you are late making your payments, we may charge you additional fees.
Bank transfer fees We must receive the full amounts as quoted in your student agreement. You must cover any bank fees that may be applicable.
Debt-collection fees Students who fail to pay their agreed fees are also liable for collection fees payable to third party debt-collection agencies.
Course extension fees If you need to extend the duration of your enrolment beyond the original timeframe that is specified in your Letter of Offer, we may charge you additional tuition and/or material fees.
Course variation fee This is a fee to cover the administrative work of changing your original course details.
Rescheduling fee This fee covers the administrative tasks required in order to reschedule a class or assessment where the reason for the rescheduling was your actions, not ours. For example, if you missed a class or exam and wanted to catch up.
Document reprinting Reprinting lost certificates or documentation may incur fees.
Sundry study related expenses You are responsible for associated sundry expenses including stationary and other personal expenses during your program of study.
ID card replacement We may charge you a fee if you lose your ID card and need to replace it.
Photocopying and other printing Any miscellaneous copying or printing.

Normal living expenses

Fee Type Description
Transportation It is your responsibility to cover the costs of your transportation to and from the course delivery location. This location may vary on occasion. Your trainer will inform you of all details.
Living expenses There are a number of general living expenses that students usually are liable for, including accommodation, food and other household costs. There is a general guide to these expenses available in the student handbook, available in the 'Downloads' section.