Student Safety

Your personal safety is very important. Please familiarise yourself with the information on this website. There are many important tips.

Student Safety
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Health and safety

Personal safety

  • If you are going out at night, always plan your trip home
  • Travel with friends or in a group
  • Do not carry valuables with you
  • Avoid isolated places
  • If you use a taxi, you may sit where you feel comfortable. It is normal to sit in the front or the rear
  • You may wish to tell the driver to stop a short distance away from your house

Crime prevention

At home

  • Always keep your house doors locked
  • Do not let strangers into your house

Sun safety

The Australian sun can be very strong.

  • Wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Avoid spending long periods of time in the sun
  • Remember you can get sunburnt even on cloudy days

Beach safety

Water safety

  • When you go to the beach ALWAYS swim between the red and yellow flags
  • If there are no red and yellow flags, do not enter the water
  • If you need assistance while swimming, raise one hand in the air

Fire safety

At school

  • If you are at school after dark, make sure you are safe on your way home. Travel with friends or in a group
  • If you have any concerns, please talk to our reception staff immediately
  • Respect the signs on campus. Do not enter the areas that are ‘off-limits’ to students
  • Follow your teacher’s instructions
  • If your course requires protective clothing or safety equipment, you will not be allowed into your practical classes without it

If something happens

For life-threatening emergencies, call the Police, Fire or Ambulance on 000.

If you experience an accident on campus, immediately inform reception so that we can provide the right kind of assistance as soon as possible.

In case of fire, evacuate the campus according to the evacuation plan signs and ‘EXIT’ signage. Do NOT use lifts. Assemble at the designated meeting place.

If you are in an accident at home or off-campus, inform the school as soon as is practical so that we can provide support to you in the best way possible.