QLD Public Transport

Awesome news! On Census Day 2021 in Queensland, the majority of people (64.0%) used their car to get to work, while some people took public transport (4.0%) or preferred to walk or ride a bike (3.3%). And, a great number of people (14.1%) were able to work comfortably from home! Let’s hope that more people will choose more eco-friendly options to help save our planet.

QLD Public Transport
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Go Cards

go cards

go card is TransLink’s electronic ticket to fast, easy and convenient travel.

Use go card on all TransLink bus, train (including Airtrain), ferry and tram services in greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast regions.

The best part about go card is it’s:

  • cheaper than the cost of a paper ticket
  • convenient to manage
  • easy to top-up and use
  • available for adults, children, concessions, seniors.

Where to get a go card

You can buy a go card at these places:

  • 7-Eleven stores and selected retailers where you see the ‘buy’ symbol
  • Queensland Rail Station ticket offices
  • fare machines at busway stations
  • on board Brisbane City Council CityCat and Ferries.
  • Online 
  • Over the phone. Ph 13 12 30 (24 hour service)

How to use a go card

Using your go card is easy. All you need to remember is TOUCH ON …. TOUCH OFF.

Always remember to touch your go card flat onto the card reader at the beginning and end of your journey. Your go card will automatically calculate the correct fare.

The go card reader will display a green light with one beep for an adult card or an orange light with two beeps for a concession card.

When you touch on: the card reader will show the balance of travel credit stored on your go card.

When you touch off: the card reader will show the fare deducted and your remaining travel balance.

When touching on or off, there is no need to wait for the card reader balance display to clear from the previous passenger.


Card readers are located at the front and rear doors on buses.

  • Touch on at the front of the bus.
  • Touch off at either the front or rear door of the bus.


Card readers are located on station platforms and major stations have card readers attached to fare gates.

  • At fare gates, touch on as you enter the station or platform to begin your journey and touch off as you exit the station or platform at the end of your journey, even when the gates are open.
  • At card readers, touch on as you enter the station or platform to begin your journey and touch off as you exit the station or platform at the end of your journey.


  • On the ferry you can touch on and touch off at any of the card readers located onboard – near the ticket seller and where you embark or disembark.
  • Card readers are activated at designated ferry stops only – you cannot touch on or touch off at a card reader while the ferry is in motion or between stops.

There is more information at the Translink website.

Concession fares

Most Cambridge College Australia (CCA) students are eligible for a student discount on the public transport system.

In order to receive concession bus and train fares, you must:

  • Reside in Queensland
  • Be Enroled in and attending an AQF course at Cambridge College Australia that is at least 12 weeks duration
  • Be studying full-time on a face-to-face basis
  • Carry your CCA student ID card

You are not eligible for concession if:

  • You don’t live in Queensland
  • You’re not Enroled at CCA
  • You don’t have your CCA student ID card with you
  • You’re studying a non-AQF course

What are the AQF courses?

Most courses offered by CCA are AQF courses.

These are some of the exceptions – if you are Enroled in one of these courses, you are not eligible for concession:

  • General English GE1-4
  • Short courses in IELTS, English or other skills.

If you are not sure, please contact reception

How to apply for concession

1. Enrol into an eligible course at CCA

2. Provide your local address to CCA

3. Obtain your CCA student ID card

4. Purchase an Adult go card. When you purchase your go card you’ll pay a refundable deposit of $10 (adult) or $5 (child, concession, senior). If you no longer need your go card, you can request a refund of the deposit plus any travel balance on your go card (less any outstanding fares, fees and charges).

5. If you already have a go card, make sure it has not expired. To check your expiry date you can log into your go card account online, visit a selected go card retailer or train station ticket office, or call TransLink 13 12 30

6. Apply for a concession online

  1. Click here to go to the Translink application page.
  2. Complete all the required details
  3. For Organisation, enter ‘Cambridge Academy of English’
  4. For ID No., enter your student number. You can find this on your student ID card
  5. review and submit your application
  6. Translink will inform you via SMS or email whether you are eligible. If you get a message from Translink saying you are not eligible, please inform CCA reception. If you are eligible, the concession fares will be applied automatically.

Remember, always carry your  student ID card with you. You can be fined if you do not have it with you while travelling on public transport.