BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

BSB80120 - Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

Course Details

Course description

his qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply highly specialised knowledge and skills in the field of organisational learning and capability development. Individuals in these roles generate and evaluate complex ideas. They also initiate, design and execute major learning and development functions within an organisation. Typically, they would have full responsibility and accountability for the personal output and work of others.

This qualification may apply to leaders and managers in an organisation where learning is used to build organisational capability. The job roles that relate to this qualification may also include RTO Manager and RTO Director.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Course duration

This course is delivered over 52 weeks of full time study at 20 hours per week of scheduled class time. This includes six weeks holidays.

Study/ training 46 20 920
Holiday 6
Total 52 920

Delivery method

This qualification is delivered “institutionally” in a formal classroom setting with simulated workplace environments. It utilises a blended delivery mode which incorporates face to face delivery, workshops, individual assignments, team-based assignments and/or simulated environment. Participants will attend scheduled training sessions delivered in the workplace / training facility.


Academic prerequisites

  1. Applicants 18 years and above who have successfully completed year 12 or
    equivalent, or
  2. Applicants 18 years and above with no formal qualifications who can
    provide evidence and sufficient work experience in business management, or
  3. Applicants 18 years and above with no formal qualifications who can be assessed for skills that would qualify to undertake this training, and
  4. Applicants will have experience working in a supervisory position, meeting any other pre-requisite requirements

Entry requirements for NESB Students

Following are the language literacy requirements for this course:

  1. Having arrived at an admission decision, the English language skills (language and literacy) will be assessed. If the student has a satisfactory IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent the applicant will be admitted to his/her chosen course
  2. If an applicant cannot produce a satisfactory IELTS score, and/or there are doubts about his/her English language skills to cope in an academic environment, the applicant is advised to enrol in an English (ELICOS) course at an approved provider for an appropriate duration until the student achieves an IELTS score or 5.5
  3. In a situation where the student can demonstrate that he/she can communicate in English but cannot produce any formal English qualifications as described above, then the student will be required to complete an IELTS test or equivalent in Australia

Applicants must be 18 years and above

Course Outline

Resources included

All of the learning and assessment resources required to complete this course will be provided.

Course units

In order to receive this qualification, ten units must be completed satisfactorily, including:

  • 3 core units
  • 5 elective units
BSBHRM613 Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies
BSBLDR811 Lead strategic transformation
TAELED803 Implement improved learning practice
BSBHRM615 Contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion strategies
BSBHRM611 Contribute to organisational performance development
BSBLDR812 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships
BSBSTR801 Lead innovative thinking and practice
BSBINS603 Initiate and lead applied research

Course Outcomes

Career outcomes

This qualification provides participants with the skills to obtain the occupational position as a senior administrator and senior executive. Participants are provided with advice on career development and training options throughout the delivery of the program

Additional Information

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Students who have completed any of the units of study or have practical experience that may be used for recognition of prior learning must contact Cambridge College Australia prior to enrolment.


Assessment will usually commence in the session following delivery. As this is a competency-based program, assessment continues throughout the program until the participant either achieves competency in the assessment tasks or a further training need is identified and addressed.

The assessment process may include theory, projects and practical assessments which can further include:

  • Observation of the learner
  • Written and oral questioning
  • Written report
  • Simulated role-play

Student support

Cambridge College Australia has a commitment to providing equity in training for all learners. In particular, ensuring equity in training for women and the elimination of discrimination against female students in vocational education and training is a priority.

Cambridge College Australia encourages all students to pursue their vocational education and achieve their training goals, including students:

  • With language, literacy and numeracy problems
  • From a non-English speaking background
  • With a disability

Our college will identify and access appropriate support services, and ensure the necessary services are provided for participants as required.


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